The Taylor Care Difference

If you are exploring your options for yourself or a loved one, you know what is most important to you: you want to deal with real people who really care about your success and well-being. You want a program that is run by individuals with heart who are empathetic and caring.

You will find that Taylor Care Adult Behavioral Health is dedicated to each patient’s improvement. Your successful outcome is our absolute priority.

..The Difference between Surviving and Thriving

The Quality Care Difference

  • MD on staff
  • PhD-level coordination
  • Professional and skilled staff
  • Goal-oriented care and support
  • Emphasis on fostering independence

Teaming Up for Success

  • Follow-up/coordination with residence
  • Focus on medication compliance
  • Work in close cooperation with Adult Medical Day Care Centers
  • Emphasis on avoiding hospitalizations
  • Psychiatric Care Services provided

The Programming Difference

  • Innovative programs
  • Individualized programming
  • Separate track for younger adults
  • Separate track for developmentally disabled
  • Peer mentoring

Great Environment, Great People

  • Positive and empathetic staff
  • Homelike supportive environment
  • Delicious, health-conscious meals
  • Modern and pleasant facility
  • Mid-day visits gladly accommodated